Michigan Pirate Festival

Did you know that there are pirates in Michigan? Aparently there is a group that sails the 5 lakes (as opposed to the 7 seas) known as the Brethren of the Great Lakes.

Well, in late breaking pirate news, there is currently a pirate festival going on (Aug. 3rd – 8th) in Grand Haven, Michigan. So if you live around there and you read this blog, you should probably go check that out.

As a side note, I’d just like to point out that the “pirate lord” of Lake Michigan is known as Count d’Booty. Really? Count d’Booty? I mean, I guess when he picked his pirate name he didn’t necessarily know he would grow up to hold the position of pirate lord, but still.

In other news, last night I ate cheese. Cheese with bacon inside of it!


2 thoughts on “Michigan Pirate Festival

  1. My brother once while kayaking up in Traverse somewhere (or some such) stopped on an island. He wandered around, surprisingly finding a bunch of these pirates have some sort of private beach boil. Instead of making him walk the plank they fed him shrimp. And gave him the official pirate baseball cap. I wonder if he still has it…


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