Gnomes and their hats

Here is a riddle for you.  I will post the answer in the comments.  For the record, I didn’t get it but a co-worker of mine did.

Link via PlanetDan. (where else these days?)


6 thoughts on “Gnomes and their hats

  1. Gnome D can see two hats in front of him. If the two hats were the same color, he would know that only hats of the other color were left, meaning he would know the color of his own hat. But Gnome D sees one hat of each color, so he has no way to know which color his hat could be.

    After a minute, Gnome C realizes that if both his hat and Gnome A’s hat were the same color, Gnome D would have called out the color of his hat. But Gnome D did not do that, so it stands to reason that Gnomes B and C must have different colored hats. Well, Gnome C knows that Gnome B’s hat is white, so his own hat must be black.


  2. Oh come on! If that were possible, Gnome C could turn around and look at D and then he would know B and D both had white. Keep in mind there is a guy with a gun standing by! No funny business!

    It is almost more fun to hear the wrong answers. One involved Gnome B seeing the reflection in the wall. Another somehow involved using the hat as a sun dial or something.


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