Circular Reasoning

From time to time a puzzle catches my eye and those posts always seem to be popular posts. So here’s another one for you, From the NY Times: Circular Reasoning.

It’s sort of like a crossword puzzle in the sense that each answer feeds into the next, so looking at the clues before and after can help. The hard part is that the clues have so many parts, that even if you get one piece of the clue, it doesn’t mean you’ll get an answer. Here’s an example:

A song with that candy in the title is closely identified with a 1930s actress who later became an American ambassador in Africa. The northern neighbor of the country where she was posted has a two-word name. What’s the second word?

It’s probably not so much what you know, but what you can look up (so Barb, I think you’ll like this one)

So far, I have three answers.

Gnomes and their hats

Here is a riddle for you.  I will post the answer in the comments.  For the record, I didn’t get it but a co-worker of mine did.

Link via PlanetDan. (where else these days?)