Wicked, or, Aunt Rachael tries to give Evie a concussion

Just kidding about the title.  I know that she reads this and it will make her feel bad.

Rachael and Chris were here for the final showing of Wicked in Chicago.  

Being a person who has seen a lot of musicals, Wicked really is outstanding.  If you haven’t seen it already, too late!  Well, not too late, but too late to stay at my place and have me drop you off and pick you up.  I think I have done enough to spread the Wicked love.  I saw it twice; once on Broadway and then again in Chicago.  I took my mom, I dropped off / picked up Sara’s family and now Chris and Rachael. And I own the soundtrack.  So I think I’ve done about all I can for them. 🙂

Evie did accidentally fall off the bench in the kitchen knocking her head. Just like the last time, she threw up all over Sara. She seemed fine pretty quick though, and certainly we felt a little better about it after the experience we gained last time. So we weren’t that worried this time.

And besides, Rachael had already made up for it by getting Evie to eat grapes and also making her a snowflake blanket. Evie would definitely take a knock on the head for a snowflake blanket!

5 thoughts on “Wicked, or, Aunt Rachael tries to give Evie a concussion

  1. For the record, I also got the gnome thing correct….except there was no one here to prove it. But I swear I did. I’m just leaving this to see if my “GRAVATAR” is working properly. I didnt know anything about gravatars untill I started my own blog. I really feel as if I’m jumping into the future here. By the way CNN’s webpage has a story on Rush Limbaugh. I suggest you read it. It’s fun for both sides of the isle.


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