Quote Monday prefers the written word

Evie recently drew a picture of our family:


So Evie and Sara are apparently pretty happy, Ollie’s in a timeout, and I’m screaming. I’m not sure if I’m screaming in terror, or screaming at Ollie. I guess “screaming” is just how Evie sees me all the time. However, my favorite part is that I’m wearing a Baconfest shirt.

Evie is certainly no stranger to making signs or leaving threatening letters. However, I just happened across two hilarious letters she wrote awhile back, which we saved for posterity of course. I don’t believe I’ve blogged these before. This one is from Feb. 2012:


Allow me to translate:

No Mom. 2-11 Love Evelyn. I don’t want to hear any more from you. 2012.

Signed and dated.

Just to show you that one’s not a fluke, here’s another from about a year later:


Mom and Ollie, please don’t yell or bother me. It is Evie who you don’t bother. The End. Today, 19/2013/February.

Although her spelling has gotten a lot better since then, the messages haven’t changed much. She obviously believes in the power of the written word.

I think we have a potential future blogger on our hands…

Memorial Day in Pictures











For Christmas, Anna gave each of the kids a disposable camera to take pictures with. This was a great present, and the kids loved them. Of course, these “old fashioned” cameras do not allow you to see a preview of your pictures, so after watching the kids take their pictures, I was anxiously awaiting the results.

Side note, do you know how hard it is to find a place that actually develops film these days? We couldn’t find anywhere that could do it without sending the film out for a week.

Anyway, we got the pictures back and I have to say, they’re not as bad as I thought they would be!

Sure, Evie had a few head-choppers:


and extreme closeups:


but there were also a decent number of surprisingly good pictures:




And even a few more artistic shots, like:


Is it just me, or do these kind of look Instagramed? I guess we’ve come full circle.

Oliver’s were not as good as Evie’s perhaps, but still not too shabby. Maybe sometimes he gives equal frame space to me and the toilet:

5_0006 (2)

but he’s got some good ones too:


It’s sort of interesting to see the world through Oliver’s eyes. For starters, his viewpoint is very, very low to the ground:


Also, it was interesting to see what he was interested in taking pictures of, such as this picture of the stove he insisted on taking: (the apparently filthy, filthy stove)


Of course, this was Ollie, so you know he had to take a picture of his taco:


Happy Halloween

As requested, a ‘happy pumpkin’ and an ‘angry pumpkin with a big mouth’.

Happy Halloween!

This week in canning news