Strawberry picking; it must be summer!







Weekend in Pictures

blowing out the candles

jenga concentration

its going to fal

Ollie plays a pretty intense game of Jenga


(This is what was left AFTER we canned the salsa!)

sunflower boy

missing front teethI guess we know what she’s going to ask for for Christmas…


Christmas 2013


Evie was a “wise-person” this year in the Christmas play. This Christmas play is no joke; they estimated 1500 people were there!


Oliver is obsessed with taping things together and making these giant 3D sculptures. Santa got him an enormous, multi-colored tape dispenser, just like the one he uses at school. However, Oliver was extremely put out: “I only asked Santa for a red scooter, why did he give me tape?” “I only asked Santa for a red scooter, why did he give me candy?” “That’s weird, I only asked Santa for a red scooter, why did he give me legos?”


In other news, a certain red scooter is currently wearing tracks up and down the hallway.

As for Evie, she’s already on to her third hot pad…


The Potato Olympics

Here we see our two contenders, ready to once again revive that age-old Thanksgiving day test of skill and determination: the potato olympics.


Tools are selected and the competitors are ready to begin.


What’s this? A paparazzo has actually climbed a ladder outside to get a sneak peak at the peeling event in progress!


Despite an extremely serious wound, this competitor soldiers on. Not even blood loss can prevent him from completing the event.


After multiple bandages are applied to various parts of the hand, and the sobbing children have been escorted from the room, the competitors prepare for the third and final round; the cutting event. No more accidents please!


After a laborious and scientific judging system is enacted, the score is all tied up! Who will win the coveted bragging rights?

Based on a last minute steal of an opponents potato, swift cut, and subsequent taunting dance, a style point is awarded to Rachael! It’s all over folks! It’s all over! In a surprising finish, Rachael has taken the victory for the 2013 potato olympics!


Quote Monday prefers the written word

Evie recently drew a picture of our family:


So Evie and Sara are apparently pretty happy, Ollie’s in a timeout, and I’m screaming. I’m not sure if I’m screaming in terror, or screaming at Ollie. I guess “screaming” is just how Evie sees me all the time. However, my favorite part is that I’m wearing a Baconfest shirt.

Evie is certainly no stranger to making signs or leaving threatening letters. However, I just happened across two hilarious letters she wrote awhile back, which we saved for posterity of course. I don’t believe I’ve blogged these before. This one is from Feb. 2012:


Allow me to translate:

No Mom. 2-11 Love Evelyn. I don’t want to hear any more from you. 2012.

Signed and dated.

Just to show you that one’s not a fluke, here’s another from about a year later:


Mom and Ollie, please don’t yell or bother me. It is Evie who you don’t bother. The End. Today, 19/2013/February.

Although her spelling has gotten a lot better since then, the messages haven’t changed much. She obviously believes in the power of the written word.

I think we have a potential future blogger on our hands…

Memorial Day in Pictures











For Christmas, Anna gave each of the kids a disposable camera to take pictures with. This was a great present, and the kids loved them. Of course, these “old fashioned” cameras do not allow you to see a preview of your pictures, so after watching the kids take their pictures, I was anxiously awaiting the results.

Side note, do you know how hard it is to find a place that actually develops film these days? We couldn’t find anywhere that could do it without sending the film out for a week.

Anyway, we got the pictures back and I have to say, they’re not as bad as I thought they would be!

Sure, Evie had a few head-choppers:


and extreme closeups:


but there were also a decent number of surprisingly good pictures:




And even a few more artistic shots, like:


Is it just me, or do these kind of look Instagramed? I guess we’ve come full circle.

Oliver’s were not as good as Evie’s perhaps, but still not too shabby. Maybe sometimes he gives equal frame space to me and the toilet:

5_0006 (2)

but he’s got some good ones too:


It’s sort of interesting to see the world through Oliver’s eyes. For starters, his viewpoint is very, very low to the ground:


Also, it was interesting to see what he was interested in taking pictures of, such as this picture of the stove he insisted on taking: (the apparently filthy, filthy stove)


Of course, this was Ollie, so you know he had to take a picture of his taco: