Free Audio Fiction by Me: “Copy Machine” on Toasted Cake!

I am very pleased to announce my story “Copy Machine” is now available in audio on the podcast Toasted Cake.

Tina is the perfect narrator for this story. I have always believed this story was *perfect* for Toasted Cake, so much so that I had to wait through a TWO YEAR HIATUS at my shot to send it in.


Toasted Cake is one of my all time favorite podcasts. IN FACT, I actually wrote Tina a fan letter five years ago:

But anyway, I just wanted to say that I love weird fiction and my favorite magazine is the drabblecast. But toasted cake is like the photo-negative of the drabblecast. It’s like all the weirdness without all the darkness (or maybe quite as much darkness?). Don’t get me wrong, I like the darkness, but I guess I never really realized how much I like the more poetic, light-hearted side of weird fiction too until I had it all assembled for me.

Specifically, one of the smattering of episodes I listened to was episode 24: Zing Zou Zou. This story has really been haunting me since I listened to it. The funny thing is, I think that if I had read that story I wouldn’t have liked it. But your reading (and singing!) really made the story. I think that one really is better out loud (I can see why it would work as a play). Which is a long way of saying, you don’t podcast in vain!

Anyway, fan letter.

I never miss an episode of Toasted Cake, which is not hard because the episodes are so short! Go give my story a listen; it will take less than 10 minutes.


Flash Fiction Online 2014 Anthology

Hey, would you look at that.

All of the stories published in Flash Fiction Online last year have been collected into one convenient anthology, including my story Copy Machine.

The anthology has a gorgeous cover, and look at that! My name is right there on the cover. First time I’ve made the cover of anything. Is my name becoming a draw? 🙂

The anthology is available in Kindle, Nook, and PDF format.

“Copy Machine”, now in Polish

Following last month’s translation into Galician, my story “Copy Machine” is now available in the Polish magazine Szortal (pronounced “shortal” for us English speakers).

One more step on my way to world domination…

“Copy Machine” live at Flash Fiction Online

My story “Copy Machine” is now available in the June issue of Flash Fiction Online.

And there’s art! I think that’s the first time someone has done art for one of my stories. Author achievement unlocked!

I’m quite happy with this story. I had just finished reading the excellent “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love” (which has since won a Nebula) and I thought, “Why don’t stories like this ever have a happy ending?” So I sat down and wrote this in a sitting, and I’m very happy with how it came out. It doesn’t bear much resemblance to the inspiration, other than the 2nd person.

I encourage you to go take a look, however, be aware: in Flash Fiction Online land, stories look back at you!


Another story sale

I’m happy to announce my story “Copy Machine” will be appearing at Flash Fiction Online.

It’s a little strange to say, but I *really* like this story. I mean, I like all of my stories, but every once in awhile I write one that I’m particularly pleased with, and this is one of them.

April was a *crazy* month in terms of writing. I had 3 acceptances, not to mention the play performance. Keep in mind that 3 acceptances is the most I’ve ever had in an entire year, and now here are 3 in one month. Add that to my upcoming reading, and I’m almost starting to feel like a real author!

All right May, the bar is set high; let’s see if you can top it.

5 ways I “won” today

  1. I maximized my leftover removal potential by combining the leftover chili with the leftover taco meat into one giant bowl of awesome.
  2. I sold something I didn’t need anymore instead of throwing it in the trash. I make money and I don’t generate trash — double win!
  3. I laid the foundation for a ridiculously epic event next month, which shall be known as “Halbach Baconfest”.
  4. I mastered the copy machine at work. I took 15 single sided, color pages and turned them into 10 copies of double-sided, color pages, which were already stapled for me.
  5. I live in a world where copy machines can staple pages. Hello, welcome to the future! Why waste 10 seconds doing a job myself, when I can pay thousands of dollars for an overly elaborate machine to do it! If that’s not a win, I don’t know what is.