We’re getting trilingual up in here

I am extremely pleased to announce that my story, “My Heart is a Quadratic Equation” is now live at Nova Fantasia.

If you follow that link, you may notice that Nova Fantasia is not an English-language magazine. So unless you speak Galician, you may have trouble understanding.

You know what that means: I’m going big in Galicia baby!

Not only do I get to see myself in print in another language, I also get to learn the proper Galician phrasing for Nala: “un gato molestoso.” That sounds so much better than “annoying cat”, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, if you do not speak Galician, the story is available elsewhere in English.

FURTHERMORE, I shall also be appearing in Polish next month; I’ll post the link when I have it.

In conclusion: my plans for world domination proceed apace. You cannot hide from me, not even in Galicia.

2 thoughts on “We’re getting trilingual up in here

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