5 ways I “won” today

  1. I maximized my leftover removal potential by combining the leftover chili with the leftover taco meat into one giant bowl of awesome.
  2. I sold something I didn’t need anymore instead of throwing it in the trash. I make money and I don’t generate trash — double win!
  3. I laid the foundation for a¬†ridiculously¬†epic event next month, which shall be known as “Halbach Baconfest”.
  4. I mastered the copy machine at work. I took 15 single sided, color pages and turned them into 10 copies of double-sided, color pages, which were already stapled for me.
  5. I live in a world where copy machines can staple pages. Hello, welcome to the future! Why waste 10 seconds doing a job myself, when I can pay thousands of dollars for an overly elaborate machine to do it! If that’s not a win, I don’t know what is.