Quote Monday brings the news

Alex: “Aphrodite must have made me because I love mama!”

Sara: “The garage door just opened and closed.”
Sara: “…I guess that’s what amounts to news these days.”

Alex: “Daddy’s going to get old and die first because he’s already 40.”

Alex: “What’s that word…exertaining?”
Sara: “…entertaining?”
Alex: “Yeah, entertaining! Entertaining me is more important than talking to Evelyn.”

We were on a Zoom meeting with 200+ young kids, and it was a madhouse, everybody talking at once. Total chaos. Finally, having had enough, the flustered moderator muted everybody…including the person who was supposed to be presenting. Into the sudden, total, deafening silence came the moderator’s crystal clear, “Shit!”

Quote Monday is tired of quarantine

Alex: “Can you take off your glasses? I’m going to be on your head a lot.”

Person who doesn’t wish to be named: “The elephants were humongous! They were bigger than DAD!”

I mean, I know it’s hard to believe, but an elephant is actually *slightly* bigger than me.

Sara, walking outside: “There’s another Covid coin. It’s a penny. I’m leaving the pennies, but I’d get Covid for a dime.”

Quote Monday suffers through quarantine

Alex: “Too bad for the coronavirus because I like to eat snow!”

We all have to suffer in these trying times.

Sara: “Okay, the three books and the googly eyes will arrive Wednesday night.”

So I guess we’re all set for a global pandemic then! What more could one need?

Alex: “Can you just stop making me baked goods??”

Yes sir, reaaaaly suffering over here…

Quote Monday is under Quarantine

Alex: “Why don’t you work anymore? Oh, is it because Coronavirus came to your work?”

Sara: “If you get it I’m going to get it because I can’t open the espresso maker on my own.”

Sara: “Did you touch the banister? I don’t know what to clean. I don’t clean things. You’re asking the wrong person.”

Alex: “What are we looking for on this scavenger hunt, people with the coronavirus?”

Evelyn: “I don’t really like it.”
Me: “Yeah, well, we’re in the middle of a quarantine, so sorry if you have to eat fresh baked bread.”

Quote Monday counts to 10

Alex: “Fun fact: bad guys are real!”

Alex: “What does R-I-J-S-H spell?”
Me: “Nothing.”
Alex: “I spelled, ‘Nothing’!”

Evelyn: “Would you be offended if I had to put you in a retirement home one day?”
Sara: “Offended? No. But I’d be very lonely and die quickly so…”
Me: “No guilt, no pressure…”

Alex: “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 ready or not here I come!”
Ollie: “You missed 10.”
Alex: “You told me I didn’t have to count to 10!”

Alex: “I don’t want to be a grown up because when you’re a grown up you have to eat a certain thing every day.”
Me: “And what’s that?”
Alex: “Whole grains.”