Urban Scavengers Strike Again! Juneberries

The Halbachs have long been urban berry scavengers (see also mulberries), but for the past few years we’ve added a new one to our repertoire: Juneberries!

Juneberries (also known as Serviceberries or Saskatoon Berries, and let’s be honest, is there any fruit with a better name than a Saskatoon Berry?) are a nice little decorative tree native to Chicago (also presumably native to Saskatoon), so there are lots of them around. They ALSO happen to make a nice little edible berry for about 2 weeks in June, so if you happen to know where any are planted in your neighborhood (and you get there before the birds, because those tasty little berries go fast when they’re ripe!) you can take home a nice little haul!

We spent about 20 minutes picking, hardly made a dent in what was on the trees, and took home more berries than we know what to do with.

Except that’s not true because we DO know what to do with them, and what to do with them is an amazing Saskatoon berry pie, and another load of jam, as well as some scones which are forthcoming.

Not too shabby for 20 minutes worth of work! It’s amazing how many edible things there are around Chicago, once you know what to look for.

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