Quote Monday wants to live fast and die young

Alex: “Well, sometimes ‘pretty soon’ is not pretty soon to me.”

Sara: “…a random movie, like…Leave it to Beaver.”
Evelyn: “Leave it to Beaver????? Oh, did you say Leave it to Bieber?”

Alex: “But if I hurry and get ready for bed really fast, you don’t read any more stories, so my night is just longer!”

Alex: “Me and daddy are equal at soccer but Ollie’s really good, so me and daddy have to be on the same team.”

Alex: “I think I going to smoke cigarettes when I grow up.”
Sara: “But they make you die earlier. Like if you didn’t smoke cigarettes, maybe you’d live to 90, but if you did maybe you’d only live to 70.”
Alex: “But what if I don’t like my children or grandchildren?”

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