Quote Monday is under Quarantine

Alex: “Why don’t you work anymore? Oh, is it because Coronavirus came to your work?”

Sara: “If you get it I’m going to get it because I can’t open the espresso maker on my own.”

Sara: “Did you touch the banister? I don’t know what to clean. I don’t clean things. You’re asking the wrong person.”

Alex: “What are we looking for on this scavenger hunt, people with the coronavirus?”

Evelyn: “I don’t really like it.”
Me: “Yeah, well, we’re in the middle of a quarantine, so sorry if you have to eat fresh baked bread.”

2 thoughts on “Quote Monday is under Quarantine

    • She is just a picky eater, and always have been. It just bothers me more now than it did when food was easier to come by! I did yell at Oliver yesterday, “SOMEBODY RISKED THEIR LIFE TO BRING YOU THAT MILK!” 😉


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