Quote Monday counts to 10

Alex: “Fun fact: bad guys are real!”

Alex: “What does R-I-J-S-H spell?”
Me: “Nothing.”
Alex: “I spelled, ‘Nothing’!”

Evelyn: “Would you be offended if I had to put you in a retirement home one day?”
Sara: “Offended? No. But I’d be very lonely and die quickly so…”
Me: “No guilt, no pressure…”

Alex: “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 ready or not here I come!”
Ollie: “You missed 10.”
Alex: “You told me I didn’t have to count to 10!”

Alex: “I don’t want to be a grown up because when you’re a grown up you have to eat a certain thing every day.”
Me: “And what’s that?”
Alex: “Whole grains.”

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