Quote Monday talks too much

Sara: “Do you smell coffee?”
Alex: “I smell…toots and chocolate, mixed together.”

That is…kind of not the worst description of the smell of coffee I’ve ever heard.

Alex: “I hate it.”
Grandma S: “You hate it?”
Alex: “That’s how you say you don’t like something.”

Sara: “Tell him 8:15. Can you remember that?”
Alex: “I can keep it in my head!”
Alex: “…As long as I don’t talk too much.”
Sara: “What time is it again?”
Alex, sadly: “…I forgot.”

Evelyn: “What are all the names of the spices?”
::Sara and I looking at each other like all the spices in the world, or…?::
Evelyn: “Like Ginger Spice, Posh Spice, Sporty Spice…”

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