Quote Monday is on the right path

Sara: “How was shopping?”
Alex: “There were three disasters! There weren’t any shopping carts you can drive, the shopping cart didn’t go on the escalator, and we they didn’t have any of the good deals!”

I feel like he is already showing good signs of dramatic storytelling.

Alex: “Mama, do superheroes eat oatmeal?”
Sara: “Yes. Yes they do. They also eat a lot of veggies and salad.”

Alex: “Ollie got up in the night to go to the bathroom so I started to wash the windows, but Ollie said I had to go back to bed. But then my washing windows thing made a sound like a toot so Ollie was laughing!”

Can you imagine walking by at like 2 am and looking up and seeing a 2 year old washing the windows?

Mom: “We can’t just take the food without paying for it.”
Alex: “Yes you can.”
Mom: “What if the police come?”
Alex: “Drive really fast!”

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