Evie’s Fish

After the whole rabbit debacle, Evelyn has set her sights a little lower. Meet the new family pet, Perry the betta fish:


Evelyn paid for everything in the picture, from Perry himself, to the tank, heater, and little blue stones at the bottom. She feeds him twice a day, and she already has plans on how to improve his cage.

I have to say, that Perry does seem pretty happy. I’m used to seeing betta fish just kind of listlessly lying about on the bottom of teeny tiny, empty glass bowls. Perry swims around like crazy in his big tank, and honestly seems as happy as a betta fish could ever be.

We had a fish tank when I was little, and I do feel a sense of nostalgia about the whole thing. I remember going to 33 Aquarium and rifling through all the little aquarium accouterments, saving up to buy silk plants and treasure chests that opened and closed. We had a little house with a wheel that would spin around from air. I remember the way 33 Aquarium sounded, and the way it smelled. I remember cleaning the fish tank, and various fish that we bought over the years.

Anyway, hopefully Perry will bring Evelyn as many memories as our fish tank brought me (and also hopefully kill any desire for any more new pets!)


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