Free Fiction By Me – “Jackrabbit’s Revenge” now available at AE

My story “Jackrabbit’s Revenge” is available in the latest issue of AE Science Fiction, which you can read online for free!

I always kind of thought the Hare got a raw deal. I mean, the Tortoise happened to win that one time, but slow and steady only wins the race if your opponent is a COMPLETE MORON. Tortoise didn’t do anything to deserve it; more of a “right place at the right time” kind of thing.

High time for a rematch, I say. (Except, naturally, everything’s better in spaaaaaaace…)


(Best Golden-age-y asteroid mining illustration of all time)

Although being published in Canada is *not quite* the same as being published in another language (or is it, eh?), I’m always happy to be published outside of the US.

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