Baby’s Coming – Knitting Edition

So…I started this post 3 months ago, with the idea of showcasing the baby things we knitted in preparation of Alex’s arrival. Somehow I only managed to do a post about the sweater *I* knit, but never quite highlighted all of the things that Sara knit.


Just to prove how late I am in posting this, the astute among you will probably notice the one in the middle is no longer necessary since Alex ended up being a boy. And in fact it is already out of date, since Sara has knit some additional things since Alex was born (I guess that can be a future post!)

Many of these things have shown up in pictures already, such as the outfit Alex wore home from the hospital, and others have not, even though Alex wears them quite frequently.

The blanket is certainly the highlight, in my opinion. It is one of the most beautiful and unique blankets I have ever seen, and if anything, it looks better in person. Definitely a great keepsake, as baby blankets should be.

Sorry it took me so long to get this one up! Better late than never!

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