Quote Monday is not embarrassable


::The kids were gone for the weekend::
Sara: “For dinner these two nights I thought about grilled cheese, nachos, and pizza.”
Me: “I love you so much right now.”

Me: “…it was very embarrassing.”
Sara: “I didn’t realize you were embarrassable.”

It’s kind of my superpower.

Ollie: “If someone sees our car, they’re going to think we’re camping!”

‘Tis true: babies require a lot of stuff. Fitting said stuff into our tiny car can be a challenge.

::Driving by Medieval Times::
Me: “Hey, maybe there’s a show going on right now!”
Evelyn: “No, the show starts at 7.”
Me: “How do you know?”
Evelyn: “Well, when we went on Ollie’s birthday, there was also a show starting at 7.”

Sure, why shouldn’t she remember that after almost a year? I mean, that makes total sense. O_o

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