The Post Office Strikes Again

There are few things more terrifying (and more commonplace at our house) than the dreaded “WE CARE” note from the USPS:


“We’re really sorry that we absolutely mangled yet another piece of your mail, but you understand that it’s really necessary in order to allow us to provide the most expeditious distribution possible. Better on time than in one piece we always say!”

At least it wasn’t fragile like the last one (less than a month ago, I might add).

I guess the post office must be hurting for money, because they’ve decided they can only deliver 60% of our mail. That’s okay, I guess, except I do take a little issue with how they’ve decided to implement the policy…


Needless to say Santa isn’t really thrilled with his handling either.


Oooh, I get it: it’s a fill in the blank! Anybody have a guess as to what kind of card Tony meant to send us?

A) “&@*#” Everything
B) “You Are My” Everything
C) “Man I Trust the USPS With” Everything
D) “I, Tony, Being of Sound Mind and Body, Am Leaving You” Everything

(Knowing Tony, it was most likely A)

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