Parenting Check In

So, I’ve been a little short on time lately, and consequently updates have been sparse on the ground. We’re here, still surviving.

I remember this with the other kids as well: the first 2 weeks are relatively nice. Baby pretty much just wakes up for pictures, then goes back to sleep. Generally agreeable. Suckers you in. Then, just when you think, “Hey, babies aren’t that bad!” *BOOM* The real baby shows up.

Just kidding. He’s really not so bad, but there have been two developments:

  1. Kid got his full set of pipes.
  2. Now that he’s a little more awake and alert, he’s taking a significant portion of that awake/alertness during the night.

If Alex could write, he would definitely write me a letter like this. Poor daddy, last in love again. Naturally, he’s most happy with Sara, and big sister and big brother will always be interesting, but daddy mostly only shows up to take him away from mommy (i.e. hold him for 5 seconds to let Sara go to the bathroom). Usually the sight of my face alone is enough to send him into a fit (yeah yeah, you feel the same way, hardy har har).

The way it works is that Sara is basically welded to Alex, and I take care of Evie and Ollie. Unfortunately, neither of those roles is really a one person job, so we both could use help from the other. It really goes to show you that raising children is meant to be a multi-generational thing. Takes a village to raise a child and all that.

To that end, I want to say thank you to everybody who has helped us out over the last few weeks. Whether it was picking the kids up from school, or watching Alex while we got some sleep, or keeping him occupied while we run around and fold laundry, or all of you who have brought us food.

Seriously on the food thing! Every few days another *HUGE* meal shows up (which usually lasts us a couple of days). It has been so helpful just to not even worry about that part of it, and I sincerely thank you all for taking the time and love to make us your favorite meals. They have been extremely appreciated.

The upside of Alex getting older is that we’re just now entering into the “he’s aware of people” stage, and just in the past few days he has started to smile. Absolutely nothing in the world is better than a big, ear-splitting, baby smile. It’s just an expression of pure joy, and it lights up his whole face. “Did that human-shaped head-thing just *moo* at me?? How delightful!”

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that there are worse ways to spend your time than pursuing baby smiles.

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