Quote Monday keeps an eye out for ninja-witches

::Leaving the hospital with Alex::
Lady: “So, how many months [0ld] is he?”

Did I mention he’s big?

Ollie, examining diaper changes very closely: “I just need to check and make sure he’s still a boy.”
Me: “Oh buddy, he can’t change. Once he’s a boy, he’s a boy.”
Ollie: “Well…what if a ninja-witch came and changed him?”

Well, what if?

Ollie: “Why didn’t god not make ‘shutup’ a word? Then you wouldn’t have to stop talking, ever.”

Never stop talking, in other words, Ollie’s paradise.

Ollie: “Probably <Alex> was just a little shy, and he liked the angels so much, that’s why he took a little bit extra to come out.”

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