Knitting: a sure sign of villany

From the truly surreal files, you remember the Batman villain Bane? This guy?

You notice anything strange in his hand there? Turns out that our buddy Bane is a fan of the fiber arts.

This may seem like a strange choice; as the article points out:

…it seems pretty out of place for someone set on destroying a city to all of a sudden have a penchant for arts and crafts.

Not so strange after all. Director Christopher Nolan modeled “The Dark Knight Rises” on “A Tale of Two Cities”, which makes Bane Madame Defarge:

She’s a villain from A Tale of Two Cities who has a passion for two things in particular — killing and knitting, as seen in this excerpt:

“Eh well! How then?” demanded madame, tying another knot, as if there were another enemy strangled.

So that’s not one, but two knitting villains. Surely a coincidence. On the other hand, knitting teaches you patience and attention to detail, something that most villains could use a little bit more of. Anyway, it’s not like everybody who knits is evil…

::Slowly casts on stitches while staring you in the eye::

::Retreats into a dark corner::

::Leans back into the light so he can see what he’s doing…those stitches are tiny::

Link via Jen.

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