Quote Monday cries tears of pleasure

Ollie: “Mama, for the first time today, I cried tears of pleasure. I climbed the tree in the circle park. Even when I turned 5, I could not climb the tree, but today I was strong enough. I cried tears of pleasure when we were walking back to school because I could climb the tree.”

Ollie: “I’m going to do hip-hip-hooray with my baby.”
::Baby goes up, baby comes down, Ollie misses and the baby falls on the floor::
Me: “Oh no, your baby fell on the floor.”
Ollie: “Well, that baby’s still smiling!”

::Evie and Ollie playing with a box::
Evie: “Ollie, do you want to play poor person?”
Ollie: “Yeah, let’s play poor person.”
Evie: “Okay. I get the box, because I’m bigger.”

And that, in a nutshell, is what it’s like to be homeless.

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