Snowman Recovery

You may recall me mentioning back in February that the kids and I had made a snowman, and it was promptly destroyed, with the hat and scarf stolen.

Well, I am happy to report that, a little over one month later, the missing items have been recovered!


No longer a missing person

We were walking back from somewhere when we decided to go down the alley for no reason. It turns out the scarf and hat had been thrown carelessly not very far from where we had built the snowman, but we couldn’t see them until the snow melted. A quick wash and they’re more or less as good as new.

I’m still greatly annoyed at whoever decided they needed to destroy a kid’s snowman for no reason, but we’re all *very* happy to have all the pieces of the “snowman kit” back again (with the exception of the corncob pipe). The real question is, can we risk using them again next year?

What a crummy world where you have to question the wisdom of making a snowman. :-/

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