Missing: One Snowman

Anybody seen this guy running around?


A couple of years ago, my mom gave us a “snowman kit” for Christmas. She combined a homemade scarf with a hat, a corncob pipe, a button nose, and two pieces of coal for eyes. She decorated the box with a picture of me at about age 4 in front of our house with a snowman we had built, as well as lines from Frosty the Snowman.

Not only was that a creative, awesome present, but it was *very* convenient! Whenever we wanted to build a snowman, we just had to grab the box. Everything was there. (Except the eyes, because I would never let my kids touch the ziplock bag containing the dirty, dirty coal.)

As you may have noticed, we’ve gotten a lot of snow recently, and the first thing the kids wanted to do was build a snowman. So we did, and it was tremendous fun. Unfortunately, this will be the last snowman with the “snowman kit”, because somebody stole it.

That’s right, some @$$#ole teenager stomped down my kids’ snowman and stole my mom’s homemade scarf.

For what? I’m guessing they’re not using it to build themselves a snowman. How soulless do you have to be to see that beautiful snowman and just destroy it? It’s clearly built by kids, and clearly built with a lot of love, and you just had to ruin it.

I could go on about the @$$#ole drivers recklessly cutting people off in 2 feet of snow so they can drop their kids off at the elementary school 5 seconds faster, but what’s the point? Chicago, I am very disappointed in you today.

I told the kids that the snowman must have come to life and walked away. “Well, he left pieces of himself and his arms behind,” said Sara. “Momma thinks teenagers did it!” said Evie. A slur if there ever was one in this house. “Maybe a homeless person needed the scarf and hat because he didn’t have one and he was really, really cold,” I said.” “Yeah,” said Sara. “Maybe.”

Can’t we have anything nice in this world?

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