Quote Monday is back from the dead

Ollie: “…and if they have a hole missing from their skeleton, they have to get that bone. So they have to decide if they’re going to kill someone for that bone, or else find it in the ground.”

Pray they don’t just take the easy way out. Archaeology: not for the faint of heart.

<Redacted Schoolmate>: “Will you marry me?”
Evie: “I don’t think so. Our weekends are really busy.”

::Evie, coming upstairs carrying an American Girl catalog::
Evie: “Mama, I want you to order me something.”
::Sara and I exchanging “uh oh, here we go” glances::
Evie: “There’s a book I want in here. Will you order it from the library?”

That is MY GIRL, yo. Never been prouder.

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