Food Timeline

I was recently pointed to this food timeline website, which lists the years when foods were introduced to our diets. That probably doesn’t sound like fascinating information, but this captured my imagination.


  • High Fructose Corn Syrup didn’t appear until 1967. That’s 14 years after marshmallow peeps were invented.
  • Betty Crocker’s Cake Mix appeared 33 years before Yukon gold potatoes were invented.
  • Girl Scout Cookies were created before popsicles.
  • Nobody thought to put peanut butter & jelly together until 1901 – that’s after Jell-O, Campbell’s soup and Candy Corn. Heck, it’s 10 years after someone invented Fig newtons.
  • Conversation Hearts have been around since 1866.

Do you think that years from now they’ll look at this list and say, “They didn’t invent test tube burgers until 2013?” or “It took them 204 years to evolve from doughnuts to cronuts?”

Go ahead, fall down the rabbit hole. Anything jump out at you? What do you see that’s interesting?

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