Quote Monday plays it by ear

Sara: “Oh, you decorated a pumpkin? Is it a bat?”
Evie: “No. It’s a pumpkin with decorations on it.

Me: “S-H-A-N-E. Do you know what that spells?”
Ollie: “Daddy?”

Me: “Some people have the ability to ‘play by ear’. That means they can just hear a song and then play it.”
Evie: “That’s not what ‘play by ear’ means! Playing by ear means when you don’t make a plan and see what happens.”

::Ollie going to the bathroom. Evie comes in and flushes his toilet.::
Ollie, whispering into the toilet: “I’m sorry Mother Earth, but my sister did it.”

A conservationist at heart.

::Ollie found a penny when we were going into the grocery store::
Ollie: “Can I swipe this through the machine to pay for the groceries?”

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