Quote Monday invents some words

Evie, explaining a book: “Bo was really sick. She had pandemonium.”

Ollie: “Sometimes I say to them, “You’re a fastpoke!” But they don’t hear me because they’re already outside.”

Ollie: “The balloon is floating up because it’s full of ceilium.”

Ollie: “Who is on your jersey?”
Me: “Aaron Rodgers.”
Ollie: “I know someone named Roger!”
Me: “Is it Uncle Roger?”
Ollie: “Yeah! Is it that one?”

Uncle Roger didn’t know he had so many devoted fans.

Me: “Hey look, that goose has a collar on it’s neck.”
Evie: “I have 3 reason why that could be: One, she’s the queen of the geese. Two, her neck got hurt, or three they’re trying to track where she flies.”
Me: “…I bet it is one of those three, you’re right.”

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