Quote Monday makes foam

Ollie: “I want to do an experiment with that.”
::pointing to baking soda::
Ollie: “I want to put a scoop of that in Minnesota.”

Eh, baking soda, Minnesota, tomato, tomahto. I’m not sure Minnesota is quite as reactive as vinegar, but that’s what makes it an experiment!

Evie: “Winter is going to be so much better with foam!”

That’s probably true in general, but if you absolutely must have context, we bought a milk-foamer for coffee and Evie has big cocoa plans.

::Driving down the street::
Evie, hesitantly: “One time did you go into that building and play accordion with a strange man? Or was that just a dream?”

That’s me, baby: living the dream.

Sara: “He was sick in his tummy?”
Ollie: “No. In his mouth.”

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