Quote Monday (as usual) has disgusting bodily functions

Me: “Talking about eating boogies make me feel sick to my tummy.”
Ollie: “Did you ever eat a boogie and think it was yucky?”
Me: “Yes.”
Ollie: “Well, you should try the boogies from my nose.”

Ollie: “BUUUURP”
Ollie: “Now it smells like soup in here.”

Ollie: “I need a little pillow so I can lay my head on it while I’m eating.”

Amanda: “I never even noticed that Nathan was left handed, because he’s really nice about it.”

Sara: “…but you don’t need to buy anything to celebrate Halloween, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas.”
Evie: “Yeah, that’s right! All you need to celebrate Christmas is a chainsaw!”



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