No kids, no kids, la la la la laaaa la

At the beginning of the summer, we were trying to figure out how in the world we were going to cover childcare. We asked a lot of family members if they could help with the various days, but it just worked out such that all of our volunteer-covered dates were in August.

This was both good and bad. The bad part was that by the time August rolled around, I *really, really* needed a break. I have been, shall we say, not doing my best parenting lately. I mean EXTREMELY not my best parenting lately. It probably would have been nice to sprinkle a few breaks in there somewhere.

On the other hand, everything is coming together at once, and we are getting a nice, long, wonderful, relaxing time without the kids. Aside from last Wednesday, the kids were gone for NINE days.

Oooh, I can’t tell you how nice it has been. Sara and I almost never do anything without the kids. We only very occasionally get a babysitter, and even then it’s usually at night when the kids are in bed anyway. It has been a very magical time.

While they’ve been gone, we’ve played Agricola, rented a bunch of movies, woke up when we felt like it (which JUST HAPPENED to be at 6:30), knitted, gone out to eat, cleaned, and canned. A LOT:

no kids canning

Pictured: spicy tomato jam, corn salsa, pickled beans, and corn stock

We ate whatever we felt like, and had ice cream with espresso on top. Ice cream with espresso on top!

We have also been cleaning like crazy people, mostly doing all the things we never get around to. We thoroughly cleaned the kids’ bedrooms, putting away all the clothes that don’t fit them, throwing out all the broken toys, putting away things they don’t play with anymore. It might not seem very relaxing to do all these things, but I assure you it is good for my soul.

Besides, without the kids here, there’s so much more time in the day! You can do a bunch of cleaning and STILL have time to relax!

Sara and I even went for a run together. I assure you that has never happened before (and most likely never will again!). Sara basically tried to kill me. She made me run a 5k and my legs were sore for days afterwards. That’s certainly the first time I’ve run more than 2 miles IN MY LIFE.

It has been so wonderful to have a break (and more on the way as we wind down the summer). I haven’t felt this close to Sara since we were dating.

In other words, does anybody want to husband-sit? I think she’s probably getting pretty sick of me.

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