Quote Monday has a can-do attitude

Me: “Can you please comb your hair?”
::Evie melting into a puddle of exasperation::
Me: “Well, Evie, you have to comb your hair.”
Evie: “It’s always, ‘Can you do this? Can you do that?'”
Me: “Well what else were you asked to ‘can do’ this morning?”
Evie: “Caaan you stop opening the freezer? Caaan you ask Daddy a question for me?”

Evie: “It’s made in China! My bear is made in China!”
Conversationally, to Ollie: “They’re proud of their dàxióng māo, that’s why they make bears.”

Little does she know how many things are made in China.

Rachael: “…so, then we bought the really big stakes, but then we had to go buy a hammer! And I’m like, ‘If you give a mouse a cookie…'”

Me: “Uncle Jimmy sure has a nice house, doesn’t he?”
Evie: “Yeah! With a big fridge, full of treats!”

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