Quote Monday deserves it

Ollie: “If you drop an orange on the ground, and then someone pukes on it, you can still eat it because it has a skin.”

Ollie: “My toots are saying, “Sunriiise, sunset! Sunriiise, sunset!”

Ollie: “[My friend] is Black Batman and I’m White Batman. So he goes in the dark and I eat snow.”
Me: “So his special power is going in the dark and your special power is eating snow?”
Ollie: “No, after I eat snow I go in the dark and then he eats snow. And we’re both black, because bats are black.”
Me: “Wait, so what’s the difference between Black Batman and White Batman?”
Ollie: “Well, if you say Black Batman he comes, if you say White Batman, I come.”

Sara: “Just leave them. This is how he gets stronger.”
Me: “This is how he punches his sister out.”
Sara: “This is how she deserves it.”

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