Quote Monday requires some explanation

Evie: “Which potty are you going to use?”
Ollie: “Which potty are YOU going to use?”
Evie: “The back potty.”
Ollie: “Are you teasing me? Are you going to say, ‘Wink wink’?”

This actually started with my brother when we were kids. My mom would say something like, “You’re getting the biggest piece of cake, wink wink” and the rest of us older kids would understand that she was just humoring him. We employed the same strategy with our kids, but Ollie seemed to figure it out pretty quick.

Ollie: “Do wicked witches give people swirlies?”

Because nothing is crueler than a witch, and nothing is more wicked than a swirly.

Stranger: “Did you get your glasses?”
Me: “…what’s that?”
Stranger: “Did you get your sunglasses?”
Me, thinking: “Do I know this guy? Does he think I’m somebody else?”
Stranger: “…because your son just came by and told me alll about it.”

Ollie never met a stranger he couldn’t tell his life story to. I think we have a future blogger on our hands…

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