4 Years Old

You know, usually when I write one of these birthday posts, the first thing I do is go back and review the post from the previous year.

It’s funny how last year I said he had changed so much from the previous year, because this year I think, “Wow, he hasn’t changed much since the last post.” He still talks all the time, has little interest in dressing himself, still adores his baby and his sister, and loves to be goofy. I guess he’s just solidified into a real person now.

(Side note, did I really say he wasn’t cuddly? Because that was *totally* wrong.) (Side side note, has he only been going to the bathroom by himself for a year? Time does fly.)

There are a lot of things that Ollie is planning to do when he’s a 4 year old. I think he’s pretty sure he’s going to transform into an adult overnight. Certainly he is suddenly seeming much older to me. I’m not sure if it’s going to school, growing a little taller, speaking a little clearer, or just being a little more independent, but all of a sudden I can see him growing up.

He rode a pedal bike for the first time the other day. He can buckle 66% of his car seat buckles all by himself. He knows the words to songs. He makes honest to goodness jokes. He’s certainly the only just-turned-4-year-old I know who thinks so much about being a daddy.

So happy birthday, buddy. I hope you get all 5 pianos you wanted so your kids will have pianos when you grow up.


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