Quote Monday gets butt-itis

Ollie: “Evie’s butt touched my foot!”
Sara: “Oh no, you’re going to get butt-itis! That’s when your feet turn into butts.”
Evie, whispering: “Did you just make that up?”

Me: “Are you taking bites, or did you just stuff the whole thing in your mouth?”

Me: “Come on, buddy, it’s time for you to start doing some of these things for yourself.”
Ollie: “Well, I can play legos by myself, but when I was little I always wanted you or mama to play with me. So that’s one thing I can do for myself.”

::driving around in a bad neighborhood::
Evie: “Hey, that sign says Chapter 11!”

So glad she’s learning to read…

Ollie, from the bathroom: “Mama! Come quick! My pee is on my arm!”

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