Quote Monday is why we can’t have nice things

Sara: “If you spilled your wine on the [new] rug…I would…have a sob fest.”
Sara: “I toned it down when I remembered I scraped the [new] car on the fence the other day.”

Evie: “Ollie, I have $4.27 and even *I* don’t have enough money to buy a car.”

Evie: “Daddy, it looks like someone drew a pencil drawing on the ceiling.”
Me: “You’re right, it looks like someone did a naughty thing.”
Evie: “Well, it wasn’t me, I would have done a better job.”

Ollie: “His mama must be a doctor, because he lives in a wooden house.”

That’s Chicago living for you. (And by the way, his mama is a doctor).

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