Quote Monday appreciates animals

Me, pointing to a picture of a tiger cub: “Ollie, do you know what kind of animal this is?”
Ollie: “A cub!”
Me: “Well, yeah, but do you know what kind of animal it will be when it grows up?”
Ollie: “A reindeer?”

Me: “Did you know that alligators hatch from eggs?”
Ollie: “Awwwww! And then when they grow up they can eat you.”

Evie: “We talked about superstitions at school. Like how if a black cat crosses your path it’s bad luck.”
Me: “There are other ones too, like opening an umbrella inside or walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror.”
Ollie: “Or, if a brick falls on your head and you’re not wearing a helmet!”

Ollie: “There’s two boys and two girls.”
Me: “Actually, they’re all boys, but two have long hair.”
Ollie: “Well…two have mom shoes on.”

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