Brain, I Will Defeat You!

I stayed up too late last night baking bread. Yes, baking bread (also known as being an *extreme party animal*). When I finally crawled into bed at the extremely late hour of 10:30, my sleepy brain whispered to me, “Tomorrow is Friday, you don’t have to get up until 6:30.”

“Seems reasonable,” I mumbled back, setting the alarm. “6:30, yeah. Fridays are different, so I can sleep in. Zzzzzzzzzz.”

At 6:28 this morning I woke with a shock and said, “CURSE YOU TIRED BRAIN! You’ve outwitted me again!”

He may have won this time, but this I vow: from this moment forward, I will devote myself to defeating this brain of mine. He thinks he’s so smart! Let’s see how he fares against an onslaught of Buzzfeed lists, games of Flappy Bird, and Miley Cyrus videos.


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