Quote Monday drinks a lot of smoothies

Ollie: “Mommies and daddies are needed for itchy people.”

Poor, itchy eczema boy.

Evie was working by herself at the table for awhile with scissors and paper. Eventually, she made Ollie a “nametag” and taped it on his chest (you know, so we would know his name I guess). Then she went back to work. “I’m making you a nametag too!” she said to Sara. Sara was doing dishes, so she wasn’t paying too much attention. After a while Evie finished up and, since Sara was facing the sink, pinned it instead on Sara’s back. Sara wore it around for a few hours until they got ready to go somewhere.

Evie: “Um, mama? Your nametag actually says ‘Pinch Me'”.

::We were sitting at a stop sign by our house and a big tanker truck went down a dead end::
Me: “I don’t think he’s going the right way.”
Evie: “Maybe it’s full of smoothies and he’s going to B’Gabs!”

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