Baby, it’s cold out there

As you may have noticed, we in the midwest are experiencing a few…weather difficulties. So far this week we’ve gotten ~20 inches of snow, 30 mph winds, and we’re currently experiencing windchills down to -50 F.

The National Weather Service says: “A prolonged period of dangerously cold and potentially life threatening wind chills will occur through Tuesday morning,” and “This will result in frost bite and lead to hypothermia or death if precautions are not taken.”

Of course, the government also recommends the citizens of Chicago should, “Store a good supply of dry, seasoned wood for your fireplace or wood-burning stove”, so it’s possible their recommendations are not exactly up to date.

We’ve been inside since Saturday evening, and the kids are starting to go a little stir crazy (the cat is currently paying the price for that). Unfortunately, our house is not the most air-tight of structures, so we’ve closed off as many vents as we can and turned the heat down to avoid the furnace running all the time. Consequently, we’re all wearing triple layers (including long underwear!) and huddling together under blankets in a few rooms like it’s the end of days. Oliver and I even wore our winter hats during lunch yesterday.

On the other hand, it’s kind of fun, and we all get to huddle together under blankets like it’s the end of days. Lots of tea and book reading and puzzles and scone baking going on around here, with some possible knitting in my future. We even re-activated Netflix!

I did go outside to make sure I could get the car started and down the alley, just in case school really is back on tomorrow like they’ve been threatening. However, just when I was about to try my luck, a 4wd van got stuck right at our parking lot. After spending 20 minutes getting him out, I decided the Fit didn’t have a chance and went back inside. All my fingers and toes seem to be intact (though it was touch and go for a little bit on the fingers…I warmed them up in my mouth).

Stay warm everyone! In another 5 months we’re all going to look back on this an laugh…

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