Quote Monday introduces some more Ollie-isms

Here are some of my favorite Ollie-isms (in other words, an addendum to the Halbach Family Lexicon):

  • Pinch black – adjective – Pitch black. “Whoa, it’s pinch black in here!”
  • Probaly – adverb – Probably. “I’m tired; I’ll probaly go right to sleep.”
  • Wiva room – noun – The living room. “Where’s your scooter?” “It’s in the wiva room.”
  • Cobble – verb – Gobble. “Dada, I’m going to cobble you up!”
  • Stunk – noun – Skunk. “Pee yew, I smell a stunk!”
  • Constructions – noun – Instructions. “We need the constructions for the legos!”

Me: “Evie, I need you to get dresses A.S.A.P. Do you know what A.S.A.P. means?”
Evie: “Yes. As. Soon. As. You. Can.”

Ollie: “Do you know there are two people named Stephanie? That means they looooove each other.”

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