Quote Monday teaches us a few phrases

Evie: “…the bread just tasted like bread.”
Me: “Well, that’s what bread usually tastes like. Bread.”
Evie: “Well it doesn’t taste like cranberries. Hey, that could be a phrase! ‘Bread doesn’t taste like cranberries!'”
<time passes>
Me, driving: “Shoot, I didn’t mean to go this way! Sometimes your body just goes the way it’s used to going.”
Evie: “Whelp, cranberries don’t taste like bread.”

This was far from the last time she tried to shoehorn that in somewhere. I do applaud her for really pushing it. She’s totally going to make that a thing.

Evie: “I don’t want to go to swim class!”
Ollie: “Tough chickens, you have to do it anyway.”

Evie: “…and if the boy saw anything that was really beautiful, he would think it was really ugly, and if he saw anything that was really ugly, he would think it was really beautiful.”
Me: “So if he saw me he would think I was the just the ugliest, ugliest thing he had ever seen in his life.”
Evie: “No! You’re not wearing a crown or anything.”
Me: “Hey, real beauty comes from the inside, not from some crown.”
Evie: “Yeah, that’s why if you’re bragging all the time you wouldn’t be beautiful.”

Lawyered by a six year old.

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