Quote Monday Prepares for Christmas

Sara: “There’s like three more days of toothpaste in that tube.”
Me: “Yeah, that’s what I said three weeks ago.”
Evie: “Oh! It’s like the miracle of hanukkah!”

Sara and I put up the Christmas tree and lights while the kids were sleeping so we’d be able to decorate the tree in the morning. When Ollie woke up, he was pretty excited to see it. Anyway, we went on about our business, and about 20 minutes later, Ollie asked very earnestly, “Can we see what Santa brought us now?”  Perhaps I overplayed it a little bit with the big presentation of the tree, but the poor guy misunderstood, thought Santa had come overnight, and was just patiently waiting for us to finish doing dishes so we could open presents.

Grandma Kathy: “Someday, Ollie, you’ll be bigger than I am. Someday you’ll be bigger than Grandpa Ron.”
Ollie: “Whoa…I’ll be a monster.”

Evie, reading: “And the grinch was…was…pissed.”

I don’t remember that particular line in the story, but it does kind of fit, so I’m sure she was right.

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