Quote Monday minces words

Evie: “…and I’ll sing the whole song once I’m ready for bed. Sounds good?”
Me: “Sounds…inevitable.”
Evie: “Sounds incredible?”
Sara: “Yeah, that’s what he said.”

Ollie: “I probably know where my teachers live.”
Me: “Oh yeah? Where?”
Ollie: “…”
Ollie: “I said probably.”

Ollie has a few “Ollie-isms” that I find quite amusing. These are not one-time mis-speakings, these are things he consistently says over the course of months:

“Grandpa and Grandpa” – meaning Grandma and Grandpa. For example, “What time are Grandpa and Grandpa going to get here?”
“Pack-pack” – meaning backpack.
“Hooza-hoop” – also known as a hula hoop

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