Quote Monday should NOT eat the blueberries

::Looking at the giraffes::
Sara: “Look at all the carrots on the ground.”
Ollie: “Look at all the blueberries on the ground!”

Ollie: “I was three and nothing, and now I’m three and a half!”

Me: “What kind of sandwich are you?”
Ollie, speaking as Floob the Monster: “I’m a chocolate-customer sandwich.”
Me: “Do you mean chocolate custard?”
Ollie: “No, chocolate customer.”

I guess that makes more sense for a monster.

::Ollie, sneezing pancake pieces all over the table::
Ollie: “Well, I guess I’m sick of breakfast.”

Ollie, pointing to my back: “What’s this letter right here?”
Me: “I don’t know, buddy, I can’t see back there.”
Ollie: “You’re going to have to break your head off.”

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