September Food Swap

The September food swap had one additional swapper this month: Evie.

She was *so excited* to go to the food swap with her mama. You could just see how proud and grown up she felt. Sara had her make yogurt to bring for her special swap item, and she had big plans on what she was going to swap for.

I wasn’t actually at the swap, so my knowledge is second hand, but it sounds like she tried a lot of samples. Her yogurt was reasonably popular, but she unfortunately didn’t get her first choice of red velvet cupcakes (how could someone resist trading with a proud 6 year old with homemade yogurt?) Nonplussed, she turned around and scored some orange chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate swiss meringue buttercream and black sesame seeds. (Can you believe we haven’t eaten them yet? They got a lot of desserts.)

Her other exciting swap was getting her daddy some bacon cupcakes. She was so excited to tell me about them! She convinced someone to take some pickled radishes (they were NOT a popular item), and nabbed 2 bacon maple cupcakes and 2 pistachio nutella cupcakes. That’s a good deal, right there (thank you for making so many cupcakes!)

All in all, a very successful swap.

September food swap

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